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As a director are there any lessons you feel you learned from your experience working on Snowpiercer?

CHRIS EVANS: Bong does things very differently as a director. Typically when you’re shooting a scene, if this were a scene, you would shoot in a master and you would get us together in a two-shot. Then you would do the whole scene on your single and then the whole scene on my single. And we would have a lot of options in the editing room to cut the scene together as you choose. Bong will shoot the edit in his mind. If he saw the scene between you and me, if he saw the first three lines in a two-shot and the next two lines were on you and the next two lines are on me, that’s what he would shoot. There are days where there’s plenty of lines of dialog I have in the movie that are not on film. There is no footage of my saying certain pieces of dialog. It’s the most bold, terrifying thing I’ve ever seen any director do. But it obviously worked out. I will never be that confident, but it worked out. It’s one of those amazing things that you can do when you’re that powerful a filmmaker. (via Badass Digest)